Human Media – Relationship Building and Customer Satisfaction for Successful Guerrilla Entrepreneurs

Human-Media:  Relationship Building for Successful Guerrilla Entrepreneurs

Neither a successful person nor a successful business is an island.  Embracing relationship building is a powerful way to impact your profits.

Guerrillas strive for and savor long-term relationships with their customers.  They know the benefits of long lasting connections and do all in their power to establish and nourish those connections.

Guerrillas know that it can cost them six times more to sell something to a prospect than to sell that same thing to a customer.  Engaging in activities that grow those profitable connections is a great investment.


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #107, Contact Time With Customers.

Customer Bliss

Customer satisfaction is an important starting point but striving for satisfaction is relatively simple and common.  Creating customer bliss means exceeding the expectations of customers, giving more than they anticipated, caring more than they’re used to sellers caring.  Going above and beyond customer satisfaction sets you apart in the customers minds and turns them into advocates for your business.

Learning about your customer is a cornerstone to creating blissful relationships.  You learn first by listening to them, then by asking questions and, importantly, listening carefully once again.

Successful Guerrilla Entrepreneurs often ask those questions on their website or with specially prepared customer questionnaires, which solicit personal information.  By learning personal information and the likes and dislikes of your customers you can render personalized service such as product recommendations, recognizing their Birthday or recognizing other noteworthy milestones or achievements.

Here are some additional ways to use a personal touch when building relationships with your customers.

  • Handwritten notes to make the customers feel singled out.
  • Phone calls that are not part of a telemarketing campaign - although they can accomplish the same result.
  • Using the customers’ name, talking with them about non-business topics, alerting them to a special new product or service you have available and giving them early access before the product or service is released to the general market.
  • Offer exclusive free trials.
  • Responding instantly to their calls and emails.

​Focusing on Details

The more details you know of your customers’ lives and businesses, the more empowered you are to mention those details, making each customer feel unique and special rather than part of a large demographic group.

Guerrillas have the insight to know that there’s an extraordinary chemistry that exists in long-term relationships. It doesn’t happen automatically.  It doesn’t happen instantly.  But when it does happen, the business owner is as delighted as the customer.

Happy customers post positive reviews online.  They refer business to you by telling their friends and neighbors about your business.  They offer you invaluable feedback about your products and sales processes.  They connect you with community and free media opportunities.  These benefits and so many more are priceless to you as a business owner.

“Amazingly, some business owners resent the time they have to spend with customers.  But not you  You cherish it.”

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