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How to Become a Certified Guerrilla Master Trainer


Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainers:

  • Receive a license to use and operate within our brand.
  • You will have access to our training materials for training others, both individuals and groups.
  • You are able to develop Guerrilla Marketing products and services in conjunction with us and get all the resources we have at our disposal to assist you with your profit making ideas.

What we would need from you beforehand for our team to peruse is a biography of your experience.

We offer a close alignment with our globally recognized brand–in exchange we contract with our Master Trainers(MT’s) in a reciprocal agreement.

We have MT’s developing and implementing many successful GM services and products in Romania, Italy, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Serbia and in the United States and look forward to you expanding the brand and your own profits.

The fee, payable upon acceptance, for the license includes: the Intensive, the Master Trainer license, support materials and access our resources.

It’ll be enlightening and eye-opening for you as well as a lot of fun. We look forward to meeting you in person once we get familiar with your background–to make you a part of the Guerrilla Family.

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