Mini-Media: Presenting Your Business to Your Prospects

Mini-Media:  Presenting Your Business to Your Prospects

Guerrilla Entrepreneurs realize that their clients and customers judge their competence at every point of contact.  Accordingly, successful Guerrilla Entrepreneurs pay constant attention to the way they present themselves and strive for constant improvement.


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #31, Canvasing.

There are two categories of presentations: time-lapse and real-time.

Time-lapse presentations

Time-lapse presentations are characterized by a delay between the time the successful Guerrilla Entrepreneur prepares his or her message and the time their clients or prospects read it. Their message may be prepared hours, days, weeks, or months ahead of time and remain out in the marketplace. As a result, time-lapse presentations are one-way communications: they cannot be changed “on the fly”, since they can’t observe every reader’s reaction.

Three types of time-lapse presentations:

  • Print: materials:  ads, brochures, business cards, newsletters, proposals and reports.
  • Online: your website, digital marketing, video posts, postings to online forums and webinars.
  • E-mail: including e-mail sent to clients and prospects.

This delay between creation and consumption, places a great burden on the appearance or formatting of the Guerrilla’s message.  Their entire message must compensate for the facial expressions, gestures and vocal intonations that readers can’t see but use to judge messages that are delivered face-to-face.  As a result, time-lapse communications are extremely detail intensive.

Formatting issues such as the random placement of text and graphics on a page, inconsistent use of color and type, constantly changing typeface and/or size will undermine the message your presenting. Likewise, editing problems such as transposed words or spelling errors will weaken the attributes of competency and professionalism Guerrilla Entrepreneurs strive to project, with every point of contact.

Real-time presentations

Real-time presentations are two-way communications.  Guerrillas not only enhance their message with gestures by varying their tone of voice, but also drive home their point by maintaining eye contact and facial gestures such as smiling.

Guerrillas can alter their real-time presentation by observing their client’s reaction to their words. They can read their client’s body language and react accordingly.

Three types of real-time presentations:

  • Voice / Telephone.
  • Face-to-Face.
  • Online (social media and live broadcasts: such as Periscope, U-Tube Live or Facebook Live).

Being engaging

You have a very short amount of time to present yourself in an engaging way when you make contact with a prospect.  You can have the best product or service in the world, but many potential clients won’t be interested in your professional services unless you can convince them in a very fast and personal way.

Much like a roadside billboard that garners only a second or so of a potential customer's attention - you have a short span of their attention and you want to draw them in with only a few words to establish engagement.  

Long before you ever get a chance to use your elevator pitch, you must first engage people with your answer to the common question "so, what do you do?".

Without thinking about it, quickly describe your business in ten seconds or less and in seven words or less:

Example (1) “We coach businesses to increase their profits.”

Example (2) “We sell computers at the lowest prices.”

The goal is to create focus and to arouse curiosity.  After engaging a person’s interest, you can describe your business in more detail, using an interactive conversational style.  Be sure to address the benefits of your service and your competitive advantage and use words that inspire.

“Engage in casual conversation at first - especially about anything pertinent to your prospect.  Make it friendly and not one-sided.  Be a good listener, but also let the prospect know that your time is precious.  You are there to sell, not to talk.”

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