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From the author of Guerrilla Marketing then came a sequel; Guerrilla Marketing Attack and now Guerrilla Marketing Attack for Attorneys. To the many law firms of all sizes in all fields practicing in a marketplace that is more competitive today than in any other time in history, this handbook is essential reading. Guerrilla Marketing Attack for Attorneys provides solid, practical, cost effective advice on how to take advantage of the most recent advances in marketing in a field still unaccustomed to the need to sell its services. These advances could save your firm and give you an all- important competitive edge. Former vice president and creative director of J.Walker Thompson and Leo Burnett Advertising, Jay Levinson is the president of his own marketing firm consulting firm, Jay Levinson and Partners, whose clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and start-ups. He lectures and conducts seminars on guerrilla marketing nationwide. He lives in San Rafael, California. R.W. Lynch is a pioneer in the field of television and other marketing services for attorneys and is located in San Ramon, California.

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